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Если кому-то интересно и/или есть желание и понимание темы, прошу включится
в разговор и предложить верное решение, готов сделать контрибьютором.

У меня сейчас не так много времени на это, плюс я не вижу задач, где можно
было это применить в моих задачах/проектах.

Заранее спасибо)

use Perl or die;

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Hello Anatoly,
Before I start, I need some decisions from you.
I've had different ideas how to solve this. My actual idea is:

- Create a package Mojolicious::Plugin::Mail::**SMTPS, similar to
MIME::Lite::SMTP, but using Net::SMTPS

- Create a subroutine reference $send_by_smtps analogue to
MIME::Lite->send_by_smtp, that uses MIME::Lite::SMTP instead.

- If howargs contains an "encryption" parameter, send the message with
$msg->send_by_sub($send_by_**smtps, @args), if not, send it as usual.

Do you think this could be solved in this way?

Then I have, once again, the question about the testing. Like the other
time with the $howargs as parameter from ->mail(), I've no idea how to test
such a change, because it only affects the actual transmission of the
message, and in testing the message isn't sent. In my new program, I send
messages to a test account, retrieve them from there and check their
content, but this doesn't work in public code. Can you please give me a


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