[Moscow.pm] Non-blocking DBI или Coro::Mysql ?

Peter Vereshagin peter на vereshagin.org
Пн Май 9 14:07:24 PDT 2011

Nobody knows that you're in for that, Social!
2011/05/07 20:12:27 +0400 Social Fog <socialfog на mail.ru> => To moscow-pm на pm.org :
SF> Можно ли сделать так, чтобы DBI execute или do сразу отдавали управление 
SF> без блокировки и ожидания ответа mysql?

I?m pleased to announce the release of DBD::mysql 4.019. I?m 
> You can make a single asynchronous query per MySQL connection; this
> allows you to submit a long-running query to the server and have an
> event loop inform you when it's ready.
> An asynchronous query is started by either
> setting the 'async' attribute to a true value
... that should be 'mysql_async'. I.e., the name of the driver-private
attribute should include the drivers prefix.  
Please add mysql_async and deprecate async in the next release.

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