[Moscow.pm] Yusuke Kawasaki в Москве

Yusuke Kawasaki u-suke на kawa.net
Вс Авг 21 00:14:00 PDT 2011

Hi, I was back to the big and busy city of Moscow.

YAPC::Europe in Riga was great conference.
The organizers did the really great job.
I've shared my photos at the conference. (CC-BY)

Then I'm happy to come to Moscow Time Московское Время‎ around 18:00
this Sunday evening.

I'd love to chat with Moscow people about Perl and other daily topics at ease.
I guess you can find me wearing the blue YAPC T-shirt there.
My phone number is +81-90-1540-5541.

I'm looking forward to seeing you soon.

Yusuke Kawasaki

Oops! I found my email last week was not reached to the mailing list.

2011/8/13 Yusuke Kawasaki G <kawa0117 at gmail.com>:
> Спасибо! Thank you so much for arranging the meeting.
> I'm sorry but I've not mean I'd like to start from "21" o'clock PM Sunday.
> I just mean August "21"st Sunday.
> I and my wife will walk around the city center and Кремль until Sunday evening.
> Кремль looks huge and would need many hours to see the whole.
> However, they say it closes at 17:00.
> I'd love to see onions on the roof which might represent Perl. :)
> Anyway, after the sightseeings, I'll be free on my schedule.
> Starting from 18:00, 19:00 or so would be fine for me.
> Let me know better time for most of us.
> I was arrived in Riga last night.
> See you soon in Riga and Moscow.
> Best,

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