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Mons Anderson inthrax на gmail.com
Ср Авг 26 05:45:54 PDT 2009

On Wednesday 26 August 2009 16:36:29 Andrew Shitov wrote:
> Можно совсем извратиться и сделать отдельный подмодуль
> AnyEvent::SMTP::VersionConstant, который везде и импортировать вместо
> основного AnyEvent::SMTP :-)

Да не поможет...
в Safe не работет use

     status: The PAUSE indexer was not able to parse the following line
             in that file: C< our $VERSION =
             $AnyEvent::SMTP::VERSION;use AnyEvent::SMTP (); > Note: the
             indexer is running in a Safe compartement and cannot
             provide the full functionality of perl in the VERSION line.
             It is trying hard, but sometime it fails. As a workaround,
             please consider writing a proper META.yml that contains a
             'provides' attribute (currently only supported by
             Module::Build) or contact the CPAN admins to investigate
             (yet another) workaround against "Safe" limitations.)

Vladimir Perepelitsa aka Mons Anderson
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