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FYI gang.

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Subject: Apress discounts and rebates!
Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2005 12:27:43 -0800

Dear User Groups,

It's not too late to stock up on Apress books, improve your skills, and save
big money!

Through April 4, 2005, you can save 30% on an assortment of Apress Beginning
series titles at Barnes and Noble. Take a look at the choices here:
http://www.apress.com/discount/barnesandnoble/. But hurry, there's only one
week left!

Through April 30, 2005, you can also take advantage of the Apress Expert's
Choice Rebate. Buy any Apress book and get $10 back; buy any two books and
get $20 back. For more details and a list of participating retailers, please
go here: http://www.apress.com/marchrebate/.

Even more good news: you may combine both of these offers through April 4,
2005, when you buy Apress Beginning series titles from Barnes and Noble. Not
only will you save 30% off the select Beginning series titles, but if you buy
two Beginning series titles, you'll also qualify for the $20 rebate! Even if
you buy just one Apress Beginning series title by April 4, 2005, you'll still
earn $10 back.

Please share this information with all group members. Thanks for your support
of Apress.


Janet M. Crosbie
Apress User Group Liaison
janet at apress.com
(510) 549-5930

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Andy Murren
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