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Peter Edwards peter at dragonstaff.co.uk
Fri Sep 8 00:07:04 PDT 2017

Some good talks. It usually sells out quickly so best to get tickets today
if interested.

Regards,  Peter

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Subject: ⏰ ANNOUNCING MKGN #23 (Dec 7th) – Tickets Released Today At 11am
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Emails from the MK Geek Night Crew

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[image: MK Geek Night]

Tickets Released For MKGN #23 Dec 7 at 11am Today!

The MKGN crew are very pleased to announce that the next Milton Keynes Geek
Night will be on Thursday 7th December, 2017, with doors open at 19.00 and
talks starting at 20.00.

We have 5 brilliant speakers lined up with some fantastic sounding talks.

The tickets go on sale
<http://email.pixelcreation.co.uk/t/r-l-jldlydud-hddiudhjf-y/> at 11am
today (Friday 8th) so set your alarms!
Tickets from 11am


[image: Joe Leech]

Joe Leech <http://email.pixelcreation.co.uk/t/r-l-jldlydud-hddiudhjf-i/>UX,
Psychology and the Power of 100

We are all influenced by the world around us and by how our minds work. As
designers we need to be able to understand this and design for it.

The power of 100 is a powerful way to understand the modern world we
designing for. How your website or app will be used in real life and to
design for how people live their lives today.

Combining psychology theory, the latest in UX techniques the power of 100
is a modern design framework that matches the modern complex world we and
our users live in.

[image: Simon Collison]

Simon Collison
<http://email.pixelcreation.co.uk/t/r-l-jldlydud-hddiudhjf-h/>The Internet
of Natural Things

Simon will discuss the ways digital technology can strengthen our
connection to the world around us, and actually benefit our well-being.
He’ll lift the lid on his research so far, share some experiential
optimism, and outline ideas for ensuring the products we create have a
positive influence on our lives.

[image: Dan Blundell]

Dan Blundell <http://email.pixelcreation.co.uk/t/r-l-jldlydud-hddiudhjf-u/>Responsive

Dan's speaking about how Agile principles aren't just for software
development. They can help you lead your teams to be ready to change, adapt
and continuously learn beyond the zero's and one's.

[image: Laura Sutton]

Laura Sutton <http://email.pixelcreation.co.uk/t/r-l-jldlydud-hddiudhjf-b/>A
Non-Geek's Guide to the Galaxy

The only comic books Laura read were Calvin and Hobbes, Asterix and Obelix,
and the Beano. Until this year, she wouldn’t have been able to tell you
which popular superheroes belonged to which Marvel/DC world (and she’s
still learning). And her coding abilities extend to basic HTML for editing
blog posts in WordPress.

But today, Laura finds herself working in a world of data at a software
company, writing for a bunch of tech geeks who speak fluent JavaScript, in
an office with a guy whose hobby is wielding a lightsaber while doing
martial arts, and among friends who can pinpoint the very episode of any
event in Dr. Who.

This is Laura’s non-geek’s guide to surviving in this new-found galaxy.

[image: Neil Smith]

Neil Smith <http://email.pixelcreation.co.uk/t/r-l-jldlydud-hddiudhjf-m/>Beatles
vs Rolling Stones: using data science to prove which band is best

It's a debate as old as the Summer of Love: which band is best, Beatles or
Rolling Stones? Now we have data science, we can give a definitive and
entirely objective answer to this question.


Sponsor MK Geek Night <howdy at mkgeeknight.co.uk>

We're always looking out for companies and products to help support MK Geek
Night, as without this help we wouldn't be able to exist.

If you'd like to sponsor a future event, please get in touch to find out
more <howdy at mkgeeknight.co.uk>.

[image: YouCanBook.me]

YouCanBook.me <http://email.pixelcreation.co.uk/t/r-l-jldlydud-hddiudhjf-q/> is
an appointment scheduler that works with Google, Apple and Microsoft.
Bookings go straight into your calendar and managed online. The application
handles over 800,000 bookings a month for thousands of people and is
growing fast. The company was founded in 2010, and bootstrapped ever since,
building up a remote team of 11 based in the US and Europe.

[image: Tito] <http://email.pixelcreation.co.uk/t/r-l-jldlydud-hddiudhjf-a/>

Simple, powerful event software.
Tito <http://email.pixelcreation.co.uk/t/r-l-jldlydud-hddiudhjf-f/> is
designed to provide a stress-free experience for organisers and attendees.
We sweat the software details so that you can focus on planning a great

5,000 events from 55 countries have sold over $90M of tickets using Tito. See
what folks are saying

Hopefully see you in December!


Richard <http://email.pixelcreation.co.uk/t/r-l-jldlydud-hddiudhjf-v/> &
David <http://email.pixelcreation.co.uk/t/r-l-jldlydud-hddiudhjf-e/>
Tickets from 11am

MK Geek Night
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