MKPM Website now in Dancer2

Tony Edwardson tony at
Wed May 27 02:46:41 PDT 2015

Hi All

I have reengineered the website in Dancer 2.
Currently it looks exactly like the old one but I will add functionality 
when I get round to it
You can clone it with
git clone

If you want write access - please let me know or just do a pull request.

The site automatically works out the date of the next social meeting and 
details of the technical meeting are now held in config.yml like this

     Date: 16/06/2015
     Time: 7pm
     Address: IMS Evolve, 2nd Floor, Matrix House, 2 North Forth Street, 
Central Milton Keynes, MK9 1NJ
         Rick Deller: The Perl recruitment Market
         Paul Mooney: PAAS Heroku with Perl
         Colin Newell: Jenkins build indicator on a Raspberry Pi and 
quick perl script
         Colin Bradford: Websockets and Mojolicious for real time 
         Nick Morrott: Writing a Vim syntax checker and Plugins that 
overload vim functionality without overloading your brain

And this gets rendered in the html up until the date of the meet and 
then changes to show no techmeet is planned


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