Meeting: Tuesday 26th of October

Andy Selby andyfrommk at
Tue Oct 19 12:08:33 PDT 2010

The Last ever MKLUG/ meet-up is nearly upon us!.....

[Insert dramatic minor chord here]

Due to the increasing number of Perlies attending the meet, the
Perlmongers are going to hold a separate meeting on the second to last
Tuesday of the month starting in November (so that will be the 23rd).
The only reason we have a dual MKLUG/ meet is that
there were very few Linux/Perl people willing to meet up and it was
always the same people who did so a bi-monthly meet-up of the same few
people seemed unwarranted, but with the growth of both groups (16
people turned up for the last Perlies Tech-meet) it seems it is time
to split up again.

As ever, it will be held at the Wetherspoons pub, near the railway
station (not the one in the snow dome), next door to Chiquitos:

Starting from 7pm, and going on till the last people stumble off home.
We usually inhabit one of the two large curved tables in front of the
bar but for the last two times we haven't managed to grab them so if
we aren't there just look around.
Feel free to bring your laptop/Linux device along if you want a hand/to
show off.

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