The value of explaining a problem to yourself like you would to someone else [Was going to be: Program does not do what I want but produces no error messages either]

Andy Selby andyfrommk at
Thu Oct 14 14:00:41 PDT 2010

> I've read the documentation for Image::Thumbnail (under ERRORS) and I
> don't understand what it means.  Good luck.  I'd be inclined to check
> what $t contains, though - maybe it's undef on error.

Global symbol "$t" requires explicit package name

> Secondly, you're using what's called indirect method syntax by saying
> "new Image::Thumbnail(...)".  This can cause subtle problems in your
> programs, so I suggest you get into the habit of writing
> "Image::Thumbnail->new(...)" instead.  I realise you've just copied
> the documentation - various CPAN modules get this wrong.

thanks for that, changed it to your suggestion.
TBH most of my perl programs are copy and pasted from the cpan
examples slightly modifided to fit my purposes.

> Finally, it's ages since I've generated thumbnails within Perl, but I
> believe people nowadays recommend Imager (pure perl) or Image::Imlib2
> (faster).

Ohh, thanks for those, I used Image::Thumbnail because it was one of
the first shown on a cpan search.
I'll look into those because I'm not able to specify a definate size
with Image:Thumbnail

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