April/May's Tech Meet

Phil Ironside phil at creativespaces.co.uk
Wed Mar 17 05:25:42 PDT 2010


Well straight off the idea sounds great and a really good reason to get a possey up from Malvern to pop along. If I can make the dates then I would love to have a go, sounds fun.

> I imagine us meeting as usual in the Systems Seminar room, with
> various laptops, maybe a couple of projectors, whiteboards and other
> things.  We would get together in small groups to discuss topics that
> we determine at the start of the meeting or maybe beforehand, maybe
> for a fixed amount of time or maybe until people drift off to do other
> things.  Individuals might want to share their knowledge on a topic,
> gather together others' knowledge, or play with interesting ideas.

Phil Ironside

Creative Spaces


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