[cogurov at gmail.com: [pm_groups] YAPC::EU::2009 early bird about to end]

peter at dragonstaff.com peter at dragonstaff.com
Sat May 30 06:35:46 PDT 2009

> It's time to start thinking about this year's YAPC::Europe.  It looks
> like it should be another good conference for anyone interested in
> Perl.
> Hurry up and join thoe of us who have already registered:
> http://yapceurope2009.org/ye2009/search?pm_group=Milton%20Keynes.pm

Thanks for the reminder. I've paid for my ticket and have booked  
myself into Hotel Asif flying out Sat 1st August and back Weds 5th  

Cheers, Peter

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