Meeting: Tue 30th June

Tom Hukins tom at
Wed Jul 1 05:57:20 PDT 2009

On Tue, Jun 23, 2009 at 03:39:23PM +0100, Andy Selby wrote:
> The monthly MKLUG/ meet-up is nearly upon us!

..and I enjoyed it - thanks to everyone who attended.

I had a few interesting Perl-related conversations with people in
addition to the usual general chat.  I thought others might be
interested in a brief summary, so I'm sharing:

HTTP::Async is a very useful module if you want to retrieve lots of
different Web pages simultaneously.  You don't have to learn a whole
new event framework, like POE, you just write normal Perl code.

We like XML::Compile::SOAP much more than SOAP::Lite, although it's a
bit awkward to figure out at times.

CPAN has lots of useful modules:  it's worth searching it thoroughly
before writing new code that might reinvent them.

Reading the code of good CPAN modules helps you to learn Perl.

Although several of us get frustrated by MySQL, we agreed we would
choose it over other relational databases if we were to start a
business tomorrow.  Well, some of us agreed this, such is the nature
of agreement...

In general, this list has been very quiet lately.  Which is fine.  But
if you have something to share, please do.

On an unrelated note, the Web site now contains the full list of talks
for our July 14th meeting.  I'll send a proper announcement soon.


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