Technical Meeting: Monday 8th September 2008

Gavin Westwood pm at
Thu Sep 4 04:18:34 PDT 2008

On 04/09/08 11:20, Tom Hukins wrote:
> So far we have a grand total of 0 lightning talks scheduled.  Well, I
> was going to talk a little about libwww-perl and some of its new
> features.  But apart from that, nothing.
> <snip>
> We have time for six lightning talks, so this only needs three of you
> to take me up on my offer.  Bring it on!

Well, if I do a talk it wouldn't be on Perl and I'll have to find time
to put it together before then as I have nothing prepared.

Something I did at university about 9 years ago was a research project
into the state of holographic storage at the time.  I had started to
look at where it is now, but not done much research yet.  I'd probably
talk about what progress if any has happened between when I first looked
at it and now, what the advantages of holographic storage are, the
issues surrounding it, and why one holographic storage 'crystal' the
size of a large school rubber (no funny jokes now!) should be enough for
anyone ( :-p ).

Alternatively, I could go over iptables, and the rules I've picked up
from around the Net to block certain TCP/UDP attack vectors on my
server(s), as well as IP lists I use to block known bad addresses.  As
I'm by no means an expert, this could quite possibly become rather
interactive, with people making suggestions too...

And last, but not least, I have beautiful pictures of my holiday in
Austria - it'll give me an excuse to sort them out. :-)

Any votes?


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