Technical Meeting: Monday 8th September 2008

Peter Edwards peter at
Mon Sep 1 14:00:56 PDT 2008

Hi Dave

RPM talk ++ 

I'll be coming up by train from the Beeb at White City and can give you a
lift from MK Central station.
Which train are you coming up on? There should be one at 5.20(ish) p.m.
getting in about 6.15, or one at 5.50(ish) getting in about 6.45?
My mobile is 07986 842718.

Regards, Peter

Dragonstaff Limited   Business IT Consultancy

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Tom Hukins wrote:

> Dave Cross from London will tell us about a topic of our choice as 
> discussed recently on this list.

I guess it'll be the RPM talk. That got the most votes.

> Finally, remember to arrive at the OU for 7pm. 

Any chance of a lift from the station?



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