Testing workshop

Tom Hukins tom at eborcom.com
Sat Jun 28 15:19:32 PDT 2008

On Fri, Jun 27, 2008 at 11:24:52AM +0100, Oliver Gorwits wrote:
> Barbie wrote:
> | How did this go? Is there a write up or anything about the event in a
> |  blog post or something?
> It went very well. I was meaning to do a use.perl.org journal post about
> it, but didn't :-/

Yeah, me too.  I've been up North the past few days - even further
north than Glossop - to escape from life, but the four of us who
showed up enjoyed it.

I felt a bit unhappy in that I'd hoped we could bring in some
newcomers to the cult of Perl and Testing, whereas the four of us who
showed up already had fair experience of both.

But we can try again and see what happens next time.

I wonder why those who planned to show up didn't, and why those who
thought it wouldn't interest them thought it wouldn't, at least for
those of you in or near to MK.

I'd especially like to hear from people who thought it might be too
scary, clever or difficult, because the intention was to give
newcomers a gentle introduction to Perl.  It was a lovely, warm, sunny
day though.  Too nice to stay indoors doing computers.


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