Meeting: Tuesday 29th January 2008

Tom Hukins tom at
Mon Jan 21 15:44:03 PST 2008

Happy New Year!

Or s/Y// for any regularly expressive expressionists who want to make
their own Van Gogh!

Pardon the distraction:  it's not long until the last Tuesday of the
month, when the hibernating beasties of Milton Keynes gather together
to discuss software, systems, open source and our other latest

Officially it's the monthly meeting of Milton Keynes Linux User Group
and Perl Mongers.  But it's always so much more than that.  Please
show up and let the exponential effect of your attendance kick in by
adding a multiple of your own value to the cruising crowd of crazies.
Metcalfe's law, innit?

On Tuesday 29th January, we'll meet in Wetherspoon's near the railway
station (not the one in the snow dome):

Arrive when you want and leave when you want.  Newcomers might spot us
easily, but if you'd like some extra help, mail me off-list for my
mobile number.

This month you can redeem all those coupons you've saved:  Birmingham
Perl Mongers visit us to kick off their 2008 World Tour, and our old
friend Robbie's over from Cambridge.  We're also handing over the
huskies to Peter, who's going to represent us in the Ukraine soon.  So
it looks like we'll have an especially momentouse meeting despite its
especially weak announcement.

In all seriousness:  make sure you show up on the 29th, or we'll wave
placards outside your house and do our best to humiliate you on Anglia

See you all soon,

(Does anyone else want to write these announcements?  I've mostly run
out of ideas..)

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