Any one here with knowledge of Embperl

Tom Hukins tom at
Thu Jan 3 00:32:33 PST 2008

On Thu, Jan 03, 2008 at 01:26:52AM +0000, abhishek jain wrote:
> I have a few questiond to ask regarding Embperl, is anyone here who can help
> me out:

I've never used Embperl (I'm one of the many TT fans on this list),
but I've used mod_perl quite a bit.

You haven't provided many details for us to understand your problem.
You'll need to give use better information:

> I click on a link and it works fine , but the same link at other times gives
> error (i believe $r object is not passed to my script, i use [- $r = shift
> -] and here sometimes $r is giving problems ). If at that times i click on
> refresh of browser the same link works fine,

Without seeing your code, your error logs and maybe some server
configuration, we'll have trouble helping you.

But please don't post large amounts of code to the list:  isolate your
problem into a small example that we can understand quickly.  You'll
often find that doing this helps you see the cause of the problem

> I have other questions to ask like on Apache::DBI / Modperl any advanced
> tutorial ?

Start from and let us know if there's anything
in particular that you can't find there.  I also like Practical
mod_perl which you can read online:

If you want to discuss mod_perl and Embperl, you'll find more experts
on their mailing lists than here.  Don't let that stop you posting
here, but you'll probably get better answers elsewhere.


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