Lightning Talks Required for Tuesday 13th January 2009

Tom Hukins tom at
Thu Dec 4 03:46:50 PST 2008

Our next technical meeting will take place on Tuesday 13th January,
2009.  This time round I want to do something a bit different.

As a group, we do all sorts of different things with Perl at all sorts
of levels of ability.  However, most of our talks have involved people
who use Perl for work talking about things we've done at work.

I think that's a shame:  I'd like to see a wider range of people
sharing their experiences and thoughts with the group.  But I know
it's difficult to stand up in front of people and tell them about
things they know more about than you do, as one of us recently

So I thought we should have a meeting where everyone who attends talks
about something at least vaguely relevant: a meeting where beginners
share their experience with other beginners and remind the
professionals what it's like starting out, as well as experts sharing
cool tricks.

To make sure we don't take too long, no talk can last longer than five
minutes.  You don't need any slides or other fancy presentation tools
if you don't want them.  You can take less than five minutes if you
want to.

Please mail me privately before the end of this year to let me know
what you'd like to talk about.  Don't tell me verbally because I'll
forget, especially if we're in the pub at the time.

The meeting will take place in its customary location, the OU's
Systems Seminar Room.  Some of us usually offer lifts to and from MK
and its surroundings if asked nicely.

You don't have to talk if you really don't want to, but it might feel
a bit like showing up at a fancy dress party in your normal clothes.


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