Coding Together

Robbie Bow robbie at
Mon Nov 19 06:05:10 PST 2007

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Subject: Coding Together
From: Tom Hukins <tom at>
To: Milton Keynes Perl Mongers <miltonkeynes-pm at>
Date: 18 November 2007 20:59:40

 > At Thursday's meeting I raised the idea of a group of us writing code
 > together.  I think we should aim for something that can involve
 > everyone regardless of how much they know about Perl.

Sounds great.

 > I like the idea of working together to enhance the test coverage of an
 > existing CPAN distribution, with the consent of that distribution's
 > author(s).  The Phalanx 100 provides a good list of suggestions:

How about writing documentation for CPAN modules? Wouldn't have to be an 
exclusive or between tests and docs, but documentation is my hobby horse 
and I hereby wheel it out ;o)

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