Module setup argument validation

Oliver Gorwits oliver.gorwits at
Fri Jul 6 07:29:10 PDT 2007

Nik Clayton wrote:
> I wrote about using Params::Validate a while back,

Excellent, many thanks. Having looked at the alternatives you suggest, I 
am going to stick with Params::Validate and Exception::Class after all 
because they best fit my needs.

I'd already written some code with them on the hunch anyway, having 
needed to factor out some custom validating code from someone's library 
which I'm preparing for the CPAN.

By the way, I'm glad I posted to the list. Usually I would have just 
pestered poor old Tom and the others on IRC[1] but this time around he 
wisely suggested I email the list instead :-)

[1] #miltonkeynes at
Oliver Gorwits, Network Infrastructure Group,
Oxford University Computing Services

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