Testing concurrent tasks / forking

Robbie Bow robbie at robbiebow.co.uk
Sun Dec 23 04:19:49 PST 2007

Hi all

For those of you not already embedded in a Christmas sherry or two, I 
have a question: I want to test a web application under the stress of 
4-12 concurrent connections. I've used Test::WWW::Mechanize to retrieve 
and submit the form I'm interested in but, looking at CPAN I just can't 
spot anything that appears to let me run several of these routines 

I know that the biggest overhead is still the fact I am using plain old 
CGI, instead of mod_perl/FastCGI (a factor that will take ages to change 
due to red tape) but I want to ascertain how certain performance 
enhancing drugs / code re-factoring has had on the application.

Any suggestions?

Oh, and have a merry Chrimbo everyone!

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