Meeting: Tuesday 26th September 2006

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Tue Sep 26 16:17:53 PDT 2006

Good to see you all tonight.
I looked at Amazon Cloud a while ago. Interesting but I remain to be
convinced :) I guess I had too many techie questions about exactly what the
platform was and what I could do with it. They must be aiming it at
corporate suits but nonetheless I can see that Google et al. web services
are headed in this direction.

Regards, Peter
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Hello, as usual I enjoyed chatting to you all in the pub.  It was
really good to see a couple of new faces too.

I promised I would mention Amazon's distributed computing service to
the list:

In fact, their Web services offerings in general are worth looking
into if you haven't heard about them yet:

(I particularly like the idea of Mechanical Turk and S3: Simple
Storage Service)

I look forward to seeing you all on the 10th October for the technical
meet.  I'll send an announcement once I've stopped stressing about
moving house.  Hopefully soon. ;)

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