Join us on IRC

Tom Hukins tom at
Thu Sep 7 14:19:26 PDT 2006

Please forgive this brief advertisement:

We have an IRC channel mentioned on our Web page.  It's mostly quiet,
but it's picked up a little recently.  So I thought I'd invite you all
to pop by.

Quite a few of you have tried it out at some point, but not at the
same time, so it didn't work too well.  I thought it would be
interesting to persuade you all to pop by soon (now?) so we can get a
decent number of people on there simultaneously.

For those who don't know, IRC is an Internet chat protocol.  You can
leave it running in the background and get involved when it looks
interesting, or when you want a quick break.

I hope to see some of you in on soon.
If you have any previous bad experience of IRC, please put it aside
and join in.  Ask questions, throw ideas around and let's see what

If you have any trouble using IRC, post to the list and we'll help

Oh, and our next meeting is on the 25th.  See you soon,

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