Nik Clayton nik at
Fri Nov 24 06:30:54 PST 2006

Tom Hukins wrote:
> We've not been for lunch in ages.  Who wants to volunteer to organise
> something before I start victimising people?
> The best part about volunteering is that you get to choose where we
> go.

How about an Xmas lunch?  Note that I'm emphatically not volunteering 
to organise it (at least, not at the moment).

Anyone got a preferred venue?  And how much time do people think they could 
get off?

It's a bit out of the way, but there's a very nice restaurant in Newport 
Pagnell called Robinsons that does an *excellent* 2 course lunch for a 
fiver.  But once you factor in travel time lunch is going to be 90-120 minutes.


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