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Paul Johnson paul at
Mon Nov 13 04:05:51 PST 2006

On Mon, Nov 13, 2006 at 10:14:52AM +0000, Nik Clayton wrote:

> If you'd just downloaded this from CPAN, what would you like to happen 
> when you install it?  Just print warnings at build time?  Something else?

I'd like everything to just work.  Perfectly.  Without me ever having to
think about anything.

And a pony.

> One change I'm considering making is to require a version number key in 
> config.yaml, something like:
>    version: 0.50
> Then, if you try and use a newer version of SVN::Web with an older 
> config file it can easily detect this, and generate an error page 
> pointing you at the documentation for updating.  Obviously, that's a 
> run-time check rather than a build time check, but would that be sufficient?

For me that would be sufficient.  Not ideal, but a lot better than
things are now.

Do you expect that the templates and stuff will change (almost) every
release?  That seems to be the case so far, and means that the version
number would be OK.  Otherwise you might consider a template version, or

Or, might it be possible to fall back to the default templates, which
would be hidden somewhere in the installation, if the templates haven't
been altered?  This would mean that I would only need config.yaml in my
svnweb directory, and I'd automatically get the updated templates etc.

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