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Tom Hukins tom at
Mon Dec 18 05:58:32 PST 2006

This just showed up on the mailing list.  I remember us
discussing problems with searching CPAN at some point, probably in the
pub, so I thought I'd forward it:

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Subject: Search CPAN with Google
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2006 12:05:01 +0000

I've just been playing with a Google Co-op search of CPAN:

It certainly doesn't beat all the time - but for some  
queries the fact that the Google search goes deeper pays off.

CPAN's big enough that the quality of the search interface is  
critical - for most people it's the primary interface. I've certainly  
had cases where the search has missed modules that I've subsequently  
discovered indirectly - mentioned on a mailing list or in someone  
else's code.

I imagine it might be politically sensitive to add a Google powered  
search to - but I'd certainly have found it useful in  
the past.

Andy Armstrong,

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