Lunching in MK tomorrow (Thurs)

Nik Clayton nik at
Thu Nov 3 01:42:22 PST 2005

michael wrote:
>>Well, that's me, Dave, Michael, and Tom so far, which sounds like a
>>start.  Anyone else?
>>Some sort of oriental buffet perhaps?  Tom pointed me at:
>>as a suggestion.
> Sounds good to me,  Its a bit more glam than Wetherspoons...

As my partner's just reminded me, the last time we ate there we were 
quite ill the next day.  So, instead of that one, lets go to...

Elements, in the Theatre District,  I 
was there earlier this year, it's another oriental buffet, and if memory 
serves it was all good.

I'll aim to get there for 12.30 -- I'll be the tall geek reading the 
Template Toolkit book or fiddling with a laptop :-).

Hope to see you there.


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