[Melbourne-pm] Announcing Australia-PM

Dean Hamstead dean at fragfest.com.au
Fri Jul 16 20:12:27 PDT 2021

Hello Melbourne Perl Mongers,

The Australia PM email group has been created!

I can't talk the pm.org admins in to dumping everyone's email in to it, 
so please take a moment to subscribe via:


The goal is to improve critical mass by bringing everyone together, and 
to improve visibility of any meet ups that do occur around Australia in 
additional to potentially organizing virtual national PM meets.

For now, the settings are very high privacy. Your from email is masked 
and reply-to's are removed. First posts from new subscribers require 
moderation and off-list posts require moderation.

I personally prefer this settings as they give email lists as much 
privacy as possible.

Please also find us on IRC

  irc.perl.org #australia

Kind Regards

Dean Hamstead

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