[Melbourne-pm] Looking for a (cheap) machine that provides 113-bit precision long double

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Mon Feb 22 03:19:52 PST 2016

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Subject: Re: [Melbourne-pm]Looking for a (cheap) machine that provides 
113-bit precision long double

> If you have as much variants of hardware lying around as you implied in 
> your last message, you should be able to dig up some plain old x86/amd64 
> gear, right?

There's only 3 boxes here -  a Windows7 box (Intel Core i5-3570 CPU), a 
PowerMac G5 with a PPC970 CPU now running Debian Wheezy, and a Ubuntu-14.04 
box with an "AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4600+".
I guess that last one fits the bill.

> The qemu packages are all available for Ubuntu there.

This is all completely new territory for me.
I found:

I don't really understand the section "2. Creating Virtual machines", though 
I spose I might be able to work through it.

> Once you've done that, you'll also have access to the qemu-s390x, alpha 
> and mips64el emulators as well! Bonus!

I'd probably settle for just one - let's say, alpha. Do I therefore first 
need to locate an alpha iso image (or somesuch) ?


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