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Andrew Solomon andrew at geekuni.com
Sun Sep 27 09:35:50 PDT 2015

Hello Aussie Perl Mongers

Synopsis: Tell me about Australian Perl companies

I've recently been "appointed to" (think "job minus salary":) the Perl
Foundation's Marketing and PR committee. We (Mark Keating and I) have just
started a project to raise public awareness of high profile companies with
Perl in their DNA.


Once we have enough companies we'll put together something like a search
engine where you can see organizations which are using Perl based on
location, industry etc. We've got some European and US companies but
Australia is sorely lacking.

If you could suggest companies and put me in touch with the execs who make
the decisions on public exposure, that would be greatly appreciated. If it
happens that you're just such an executive, please feel free to issue a
pull request!


p.s Don't worry - I'll make sure Broadbean appears in the Sydney view...:)
p.p.s PR in this email is short for 'Public Relations' rather than 'Pull

Andrew Solomon

Mentor at Geekuni http://geekuni.com/
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