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Thanks all for your help and suggestions.

I will not be able to package a specific Perl with the app, and collective testing seems to show that the issue is not yet definitively fixed in newer versions. (I tried ActivePerl 5.20 on Ubuntu 14.04 - CentOS 6 doesn't have new enough C libraries...) 

Toby's suggestion of $ftp->ls(full path) returns a 550 for me (Perl 5.10), which is consistent with previous behaviour. I'll pass it back to the application owners with the suggestion that they modify their code and test.


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On 17 March 2015 at 09:27, Brendon Oliver <brendon.oliver at gmail.com> wrote:
> Upgrading libnet might help... Kal's (/wave) script  works for me: 
> perl
> 5.20.2 + Net::FTP v3.05

Arrgh. My script seems to succeed/fail at random of perl-5.18.2 depending on how the server responds :-(

Looks like the venerable libnet is now being maintained by Steve hay and is receiving some much needed love. There was a patch at 2.22_2 that should have at least fixed the error masking issue, but it looks like its back.

OK. Back to writing test code for my real job.

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