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Stephen Edmonds melbourne-pm at popcorn.cx
Tue Jan 6 15:59:26 PST 2015

There was a blog post I read last year (and now cannot find again) that
talked about changes that a perl mongers group (I think San Francisco...)
made that resulted in their meetings growing.

One big change was that they dropped the fixed day of the month for the
meetings. If there was a speaker that was not available on Wednesdays but
was available on Thursdays, then there would be a meeting on a Thursday.
They also saw a number of new people as it turned out there were a number
of people on the mailing list that also couldn't make a Wednesday but could
make a Thursday. Of course there were some that then couldn't make the
Thursday, but over time that would even out with meetings on Tuesdays,
Fridays, Mondays, etc...

Another change they made was to not require the talks to be on perl, just
that the talks should be something interesting to people that used perl.
This concept is not new to us, I remember a talk on git a few years ago and
more recently there was a night where the focus was on embedded systems
such as arduino, raspberry pi, beaglebone, etc.

These are things to consider...


On 7 January 2015 at 08:53, Dean Hamstead <dean at fragfest.com.au> wrote:

>  From my experience in Sydney PM and taken from experiences with SF pm
> and SL pm - just start having meetings consistently and attendance will
> swell.
> Even if the first meeting is 3-4 people, press forward and promote each
> event via blogs.perl.org, reddit, facebook etc.
> Dean
> On 2015-01-06 23:53, Stephen Edmonds wrote:
> After not having any meetings in 2014, what are we going to do in 2015?
> How about we get started with a social meeting on the 14th? We have had a
> decent number at the Mitre Tavern in the past...
> Thanks,
> Stephen
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