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Andrew Dent andrew_dent at dentaur.com
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Thanks everyone for your suggestions. 


Jason; I think PDF::Boxer is the closest to what I am looking for, so I will
give your module a try. 

The documents I am creating are payment receipts that include a listing of
the history of any previous part payments for the same purchase. 

Very similar in layout to invoices of multiple items, so it should be


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Hi Andrew,


just in case it's at all useful there's also my PDF::Boxer module. I mainly
created it to simplify creating PDF invoices and similar documents. I
haven't been able to give it any love for a long time due to work (non-perl)
and family but it worked for what I needed at the time.













On Tue, Mar 19, 2013 at 9:22 PM, Andrew Dent <andrew_dent at dentaur.com>



Is there a template module, or file that can be used with PDF::API2?

Or when PDF::API2 is used do people normally define the layout/style of the
PDF file in their Perl code? 

I've looked in the documentation, and googled, but I can't find anything.
Maybe I missed it. L


In addition to PDF::API2, I looked at PDF::Template but it doesn't look like
it is maintained much anymore. 





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