[Melbourne-pm] PDF::API2

Kahlil Hodgson kahlil.hodgson at dealmax.com.au
Tue Mar 19 16:55:50 PDT 2013

On 20/03/13 07:33, greg.george at orica.com wrote:
> I have also used CAM::PDF - PDF manipulation library  with good sucess

Just read the perldoc and CAM::PDF looks very cool.  Think I'll be 
giving that whirl next week. Noticed the following right at the end of 
the doc:

"$doc->changeString($object, $hashref)

     Alter all instances of a given string. The hashref is a dictionary 
of from-string and to-string. If the from-string looks like regex(...) 
then it is interpreted as a Perl regular expression and is eval'ed. 
Otherwise the search-and-replace is literal."

So it looks like CAM::PDF can be used on, say, a template PDF created 
with libreoffice with complex/structured placeholder strings.

Another PDF creation module that I've used with a lot of success is 
PDF::Haru.  This is a simple wrapper around libharu
(open source written in C) which you may want to consider if 
speed/memory is an issue.  Its no free lunch though -- you still have to 
get your head around how PDF documents are structured and how the model 
corresponds to the visual representation.


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