[Melbourne-pm] BeagleBone Perl library

Tim Connors tconnors at rather.puzzling.org
Tue May 22 23:00:26 PDT 2012

On Wed, 23 May 2012, Toby Corkindale wrote:

> Unlike on the Arduino, Perl seems like a decent language to work with on the
> 'bone.. Although I did break out into Inline::C for one part when driving the
> spidev device, since it meant I could copy-and-paste the ioctls from example C
> code :)

Thanks for Inline::C :)

But doesn't work on my debian testing/hybrid box at work (but does at
home) (output at end of this email)!

I don't *have* /usr/lib/perl/5.14/CORE/cc_runtime.h on my system.  Debian
last had a cc_runtime.h in the perl 5.10 version in stable.   It's also
not on the system I have at home where Inline::C is working!

Anyone seen or recognise this?

> perl /tmp/inlinec.pl
/usr/bin/perl /usr/share/perl/5.14/ExtUtils/xsubpp  -typemap
/usr/share/perl/5.14/ExtUtils/typemap   inlinec_pl_f5a7.xs >
inlinec_pl_f5a7.xsc && mv inlinec_pl_f5a7.xsc inlinec_pl_f5a7.c
make: *** No rule to make target `/usr/lib/perl/5.14/CORE/cc_runtime.h',
needed by `inlinec_pl_f5a7.o'.  Stop.

A problem was encountered while attempting to compile and install your
C code. The command that failed was:
  make > out.make 2>&1

The build directory was:

To debug the problem, cd to the build directory, and inspect the output

 at /tmp/inlinec.pl line 0
INIT failed--call queue aborted.

Tim Connors

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