[Melbourne-pm] possible talk on 'net2sh'

Sam Watkins sam at nipl.net
Tue Jul 10 20:45:03 PDT 2012

I made a flow based programming system 'net2sh', based on shell
and with tools written mostly in perl (plus existing tools).
It's a simple self-hosted translator, with also a tool 'net2dot'
for making graphs.

Could talk about that at next meeting if would be of interest,
or on list; or not!

It's here: http://sam.nipl.net/code/net2sh/

net2sh source: http://sam.nipl.net/code/net2sh/net2sh.net
       graph:  http://sam.nipl.net/code/net2sh/g/net2sh.dot.png
       shell:  http://sam.nipl.net/code/net2sh/net2sh

net2dot source: http://sam.nipl.net/code/net2sh/net2dot.net
        graph:  http://sam.nipl.net/code/net2sh/g/net2dot.dot.png
        shell:  http://sam.nipl.net/code/net2sh/net2dot


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