[Melbourne-pm] open pandora

Sam Watkins sam at nipl.net
Wed Aug 15 13:09:47 PDT 2012

Kim Hawtin wrote:
> What is the time frame to delivery on one of these?
> Considering the start up investors are still waiting their orders?

hi Kim,

Thanks for your interest!

The original pre-orders paid a lower price.  Due various disasters and
running out of money at one stage, they have not been able to fill all
those orders yet.

They are giving some priority to current orders at the higher prices,
this helps to fund completing the low-price pre-orders, on which they
take a loss.  So you can order at the current prices, and get a pandora
fairly soon.  People who pre-ordered also have been given the option to
'upgrade', and get theirs sooner, or to get a refund.

They also have some real investment now.

I pre-ordered, waited, upgraded and it arrived within 10 days.  I bought
another one, and it also arrived pretty soon.  At the moment, people are
receiving the first hundred 1GHz Pandoras.  We hope there will be no
problem with cranking out more Pandoras now...  although in the past
there almost always have been various troubles!  It's going better now,
with the new investment, and production based in Germany.

I don't have any stock in Australia yet, you might have guessed...
I don't think I will be making profit with my Pandora shop for now.

If you like to buy or provide SD card/s, I can put some good software.



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