[Melbourne-pm] Future meetings

Robert Norris rob at eatenbyagrue.org
Wed Aug 15 01:05:20 PDT 2012

> The problem with this idea is that it's talks for the sake of talks.
> There are many CPAN modules out there that might see at all useful or
> relevant. I think if we kept things to "things that people will find
> useful*, then I think we're in good position.

That said, a lot of the value of a talk comes from the discussion
afterwards. A five minute talk on a module I know nothing and care
nothing about will still be interesting because people were talk
afterwards about their experiences with similar code, similar
projects, unrelated things, all sorts of stuff. I might be the only
one, but I very much enjoy long meandering conversations that move
through multiple topics without reaching a conclusion because I learn
about so many things that I didn't know about before :)

I acknowledge that lack of structure may not be for everyone, but
maybe there's a middle ground?

We've started talking about Scala a couple of times, but never had
time to dig deeper. I actually think there's a lot of value in talking
about things that aren't Perl. You learn a lot from the contrast.

Anyway, thats my vague musings. I'd be happy to do lightning talks on
pretty much any topic, as long as you're happy for me not to be an
expert on any particular thing. I've got random bits of scripts and
half-baked project ideas and whatever that use all manner of Perl
modules and techniques, so I'm sure I can dig up something if


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