[Melbourne-pm] [Fwd: [pm_groups] Potential group project: The Perl Cookbook]

Jacinta Richardson jarich at perltraining.com.au
Wed Oct 5 23:27:57 PDT 2011

This might be something Melbourne Perl folk might like to get involved in.

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>  Subject: [pm_groups] Potential group project: The Perl Cookbook
>  Date: Tue, 4 Oct 2011 23:14:53 -0500
>  Ben Thomas and I were discussing the fact that The Perl Cookbook is
>  somewhat out of date and wondered if we could set up a project for
>  Houston.pm to try to bring some of the recipes up to the standards of
>  Modern Perl.
>  As we discussed it, I realized that modifying a large number of these
>  recipes would quickly exceed the bounds of "fair use" should O'Reilly
>  decide to complain. So I contacted them through the user group program.
>  The short form is that O'Reilly is at least provisionally interested in
>  the idea of a community project to update the Cookbook. They have done
>  other community-based cookbooks in the past, with some success.
>  The question is, would more Perl Monger groups want to join in the
>  fun/work on this?
>  Depending on the details that we are still ironing out, there would
>  likely be a website collecting new and updated recipes. We'd probably
>  want the source for the solutions on something like github. O'Reilly
>  would want the ability to collect a subset of the recipes (with input
>  from the community) to form a new edition of the book, if the project
>  goes well.
>  The website would continue to be available for updates and contain all
>  recipes, not just those included in any book.
>  I've pitched the initial idea to my group. (Without some of the details
>  at the moment.) Would any other groups be interested in joining in? If
>  you are interested, I'd be glad to forward the information I sent to my
>  group.
>  I've also got a call next week with my O'Reilly contact to iron out
>  more details. Input from the larger Perl Monger community would
>  definitely help with that.
>  Who is interested?
>  G. Wade
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