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One week to go everyone. Still tickets available. Come up, drive, fly, camp, hotel - you have the choice :-)

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> Subject: Less than a week until OSDC 2011
> Date: 11 November 2011 1:21:47 PM AEDT
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> Hello everyone, 
> Please note there are important changes in this email. 
> With less than a week to go before the main conference, I hope you have sorted out your travel and accommodation arrangements and are looking forward to the conference as much as we are. Some information to help get you ready for the conference:
> The Pentaho Visualisation / Mozilla Metrics workshop has been moved from Monday to Tuesday 9am, as the international presenters will not be arriving until Monday.
> Arjen Lentz will be running an Upstart workshop (details below) on Tuesday afternoon. Please respond to this email if you wish to attend to help us with catering numbers. There is an additional $20 fee for this workshop.
> Please make sure you arrive and have registered well before the conference opening at 9am on Wednesday.  Once Senator Kate Lundy's talk starts the doors will remain closed.  There's nothing worse than having frequent interruptions as people arrive throughout our VIP guest's presentation.  Tea and coffee will be available from 8am to help give you a little boost.
> Here is a map with key conference locations: http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=205819915092920701577.0004b0dfa155fdbe04ff1&msa=0&ll=-35.279889,149.121401&spn=0.011123,0.022724
> If you are intending to come to one or more of the workshops or miniconfs on Monday & Tuesday, and haven't already contacted us, could you please let us know which ones you are attending so we can cater appropriately.
> If you are working on an open source product and want to show it off, we would love you to put together a small poster for our "Wall of Australian Open Source"
> Make Hack Void has invited OSDC attendees to take part in their Maker Meeting at their space in Downer on Tuesday (15/11/11). No registration is necessary, Just show up at the space around 6:15pm (for a 6:30pm start). Location and details can be found here: http://www.makehackvoid.com/community/our-space (bring $11 to share half a large pizza)
> We still have tickets available so please tweet, facebook, email, or semaphor all your friends and collegues to let them know about the conference. Otherwise if you have any questions please feel free to ask. Looking forward to seeing you at the conference.
> Evan
> on Behalf of the OSDC Canberra Organising Committee.
> ===
> Upstarta Workshop @ OSDC 2011
> Held on the Tuesday afternoon (15th November) before the main OSDC 2011 conference in Canberra.
> Cost: $20
> First up Arjen will introduce you to the basics of the Upstarta philosophy, so we're all on the same wavelength. Then we'll introduce a number of practical tools to assess disruptive viability of an idea (product or service), work out best marketing positioning to not be hindered by competition, and other applications of the Upstarta principles. We'll see why various known products succeeded or failed, and discuss (case studies).
> In the second part of the workshop, we'll put your new skills to use on both known concepts as well as any new ideas the participants bring along. Please bring ideas in abundance, and write them down beforehand so that you can tell what it's about within 10-20 seconds. We'll specifically filter for disruptive ideas (or tweak an idea to make it disruptive) as it enables cheap market entry, pick a few, and work on them in smaller groups. We then recombine to discuss what each group has come up with!
> Exchanging ideas and insights, and asking questions, even with people some might consider to be direct competitors, is more valuable than risky. If your idea is dependent on secrecy, it's probably not that viable.
> Arjen will also do an Upstarta-related talk in the OSIA miniconf Monday afternoon.
> Upstarta was started in 2009 by Arjen Lentz, and focuses on people who run -or are interested in starting- their business according to a set of Principles (http://upstarta.biz/principles) that make them more people friendly (both to clients and self), resilient to recessions, (potentially) better for the environment, and more.
> Obviously, this is not just something for half a day. After the workshop, you can become an Upstarta member for $5/month and participate in the ongoing co-mentoring, benefiting yourself as well as helping others.
> ===
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