[Melbourne-pm] Choice of topics for next MPM meeting

Jacinta Richardson jarich at perltraining.com.au
Fri Nov 4 00:31:53 PDT 2011

G'day folk,

I've volunteered to provide a talk for the next meeting, but the options of what 
I can put together in the time available are both fairly introductory.  So you 
get to pick which you like best.  Whichever seems to have the most votes by 
midday this Sunday wins.  If noone expresses any preferences, then I don't know 
that we'll have a talk at all.  Given that these are both fairly introductory 
topics, please consider bringing a friend or colleague along ;)

1. Introduction to testing
     * Why do we test?
     * What do we test?
     * White box vs black box testing
     * What do tests look like?
     * Basic tests
     * Having a plan (including done_testing)
     * TODO and SKIP blocks
     * Simple tests
         * is it true?
         * is it this value?
         * does it match this expression?
     * More interesting tests
         * does it throw an exception?
         * are these two data structures the same?
         * what is the difference between these two strings? or these two lists?
         * does running my tests generate warnings
     * Test coverage with Devel::Cover
     * Test driven development (concepts)

2. Perl::Critic
     * Why do code review?
     * Good code review
     * Automated code review (and it's limitations)
     * Using Perl::Critic
         * Profiles
         * Policies
         * Verbosity
     * no_critic
     * Promoting and demoting policies
     * writing your own policies (maybe)
     * Worked example of making code pass Perl::Critic

Respond to the list (preferably) or to me (if you really want to) regarding 
which topic you'd most like me to present on, if either.  Or don't respond if 
neither are interesting.  :)  Votes count until I board my bus on Sunday and 
start writing said talk.


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