[Melbourne-pm] DBIx::Class inflate/deflate vs split/combined fields

Malcolm Herbert melbourne-pm at mjch.net
Thu Nov 3 17:47:57 PDT 2011

What's the recommended way to deal with cases where multiple fields
in a database record need to be combined to produce a value? How does
one then arrange to automatically split these back into their various
components for insert/updates?

I'm thinking here of cases where a database field has a string
representing multiple values (I didn't write this schema) in a
key=value;key=value format and other cases where I need to combine a
date (without timezone) and a string containing the zone name into a
DateTime object.

Ideally I'd like to deal with that with the DBIx::Class inflate/deflate
mechanism which should make things more portable ...

In the case of the multi-value field I can create a class to represent
this easily enough and write parse/dump routines as appropriate, but
I'm stumped on how to work with the dates, split as they are over two
database fields ...

Has anyone had to tackle this before?


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