[Melbourne-pm] Announce: Flickr::API2

Toby Wintermute tjc at wintrmute.net
Tue Mar 22 05:01:33 PDT 2011

Announce: Flickr::API2

Just a quick announce about a project I've been twiddling with for a while now.
The CPAN module implementing the Flickr API is a bit crufty and
low-level, and basically I just didn't like it.
I had a private fork of it, and I've been encouraged to fix it up and
release it.

The work-in-progress is available at:

Apart from returning easier-to-use raw data, the main objective is to
implement "easy" methods of doing common things, such as search for
photos, or handle info within photos.
So, for example, rather than handing back raw dates, it should hand
back DateTime objects or something like that.

It's in a working state currently, but isn't finished; it only has
helper methods for a couple of Flickr API calls.
Just thought I'd put it out there in case anyone else could use it,
and maybe feels like helping implement more parts of it :)


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