[Melbourne-pm] SystemTap and Perl

Cosimo Streppone cosimo.streppone at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 15:55:57 PST 2011

2011/3/10 Toby Corkindale <toby.corkindale at strategicdata.com.au>:

> Details on the Perl profiling via SystemTap:
> http://blog.dryft.net/2011/03/profiling-perl-with-systemtap-on-linux.html

Thanks guys for the great meetup!

I enjoyed it a lot, the technical (lightning) talks
and even more than that the "war stories" talk at the pub :)

I haven't got all your names yet.
I hope to make it for the next month meeting too.

I could put together some slides.
When I have time, I write about what I do here:


If you want, have a look, and tell me if there's something that's
interesting to you.
I'd be glad to share. I'm not a very good at presenting, though :)
You have been warned.

Topics could be:
* Perl 6 modules (very basic level I'm afraid)
* Deployment tools (puppet, fabric)
* Varnish, VCL, embedding C in varnish
* What we're doing at Opera (geographic dns, mod_perl, Plack, browser APIs, ...)

As I'll be back in Oslo in a couple of months, this is a "limited time offer"!



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