[Melbourne-pm] anyone for #mxug IRC?

Shlomi Fish shlomif at iglu.org.il
Tue Mar 1 04:52:32 PST 2011

Hi Sam,

On Tuesday 01 Mar 2011 07:36:23 Sam Watkins wrote:
> I'd like to invite melbourne coder/hackers of whatever affiliation to hang
> out in #mxug on freenode and/or attend MXUG meetings.  MXUG is a good
> friendly user group (can present full or lightning talks about whatever is
> of interest, generally with a dev / tech focus).
> Although the group meetings are always interesting and well-attended, the
> IRC channel isn't!  So, please come and visit it and stay joined in it.  I
> saw #PerlNet is also not well populated.  Do people use something other
> than IRC to chat these days?  Please don't say facebook!!

I use IRC mostly as well as Jabber/XMPP and MSN. I use X-Chat for IRC and 
Pidgin for everything else. Facebook provides a Jabber interface to its chat, 
so I configured Pidgin to interact with it, and I can chat with my Facebook 
friends (I don't like the Facebook web-interface).

I should note that from my experience with Israel-specific topical channels 
(e.g: for Perl, PHP, Lisp, Python, etc.), most such channels tend to 
eventually become extremely inactive. What I could suggest instead is to 
create something like #australia or #au for general off-topic discussions 
(like #israel is on Freenode and other channels) and something like ##linux-au 
or ##foss-au for more open-source/tech related discussions (like ##linux-il is 
on Freenode which is pretty active).

If anyone know of such prior efforts, please shout.

Also see what Joel wrote about it here:


Anyway, Freenode and other chat networks are still very popular among the more 
technically-oriented people (and some people who are not so technically-
oriented), and seem to become somewhat more popular in time.

I trimmed the rest of the E-mail because I don't know how to reply to it.


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