[Melbourne-pm] "Current" Perl [uncl]

Timothy Hunt T.Hunt at bom.gov.au
Wed Jul 27 16:20:29 PDT 2011

I just got a mail from Red Hat which included:

"As part of your Red Hat subscription, you are invited to share your ideas and use cases for new features that may be included in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. Here's your opportunity to tell Red Hat what you want and how you would use it."

I have to use the Perl that's built-in to RHEL, so assuming that (by the time RHEL7 comes out) they are up to 5.12, what features should I nominate for back-porting?

RHEL5 -> Perl 5.8.8
RHEL6 -> Perl 5.10.1


Tim Hunt
ph +61 3 9669 4094

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