[Melbourne-pm] Perlbrew, CPAN modules, and scripts.

Ben Hare benhare at gmail.com
Mon Jul 4 16:53:30 PDT 2011

hey Daniel,

i assume this would be old news to you but you have edited
"~/.cpan/CPAN/MyConfig.pm"? i haven't used perlbrew but if you're
installing modules via cpan into say your home directory, i've never
had any problem once setting the right args to make and Build in
there. that should be the only place you need to make changes under
.cpan. mbuild_install_build_command, make_arg,
mbuild_install_argmake_install_arg, mbuildpl_arg etc. haven't had to
do for while but they're the sort of config params that will modify
install paths.



On 4 July 2011 12:09, Daniel Pittman <daniel at rimspace.net> wrote:
> Dear Lazyweb,
> I wondered if anyone here used Perlbrew, and might be able to save me
> having to go digging into the bowels of a whole lot of the CPAN
> installation stack to work out why all my modules are absolutely
> convinced they should be installing any scripts to `/usr/local/bin`
> rather than, say, my selected Perl's bin under the Perlbrew root.
> Everything else seems to be working: modules install to the right
> places, and everything works, except that HTML::TreeBuilder (and, I
> think, a pile of other modules) want to use the wrong location.  (The
> sitebin dir is right, vendorbin is empty, and the core bits are
> right.)
> Hints?  I know that module uses Module::Build, so I wonder if it is
> something I (or Perlbrew) am missing?
> Thanks,
>    Daniel
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