[Melbourne-pm] Perlbrew, CPAN modules, and scripts.

Jacinta Richardson jarich at perltraining.com.au
Mon Jul 4 15:12:08 PDT 2011

On 03/07/11 21:09, Daniel Pittman wrote:
> I wondered if anyone here used Perlbrew, and might be able to save me
> having to go digging into the bowels of a whole lot of the CPAN
> installation stack to work out why all my modules are absolutely
> convinced they should be installing any scripts to `/usr/local/bin`
> rather than, say, my selected Perl's bin under the Perlbrew root.
> Everything else seems to be working: modules install to the right
> places, and everything works, except that HTML::TreeBuilder (and, I
> think, a pile of other modules) want to use the wrong location.  (The
> sitebin dir is right, vendorbin is empty, and the core bits are
> right.)
> Hints?  I know that module uses Module::Build, so I wonder if it is
> something I (or Perlbrew) am missing?

I can't say *why* you're experiencing what you are, but you might find that 
using local::lib will set the environment variables you need so that things 
consistently behave.  (http://search.cpan.org/perldoc?local::lib)

If it does, it will probably show you which environment variables (which have 
their parallels in the cpan config settings).  Eg:

	export PERL_MB_OPT='--install_base /home/username/perl5'

	export PERL_MM_OPT='INSTALL_BASE=/home/username/perl5'

All the best,


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