[Melbourne-pm] Perl programming best practices 2011

Jacinta Richardson jarich at perltraining.com.au
Sun Jan 9 21:44:54 PST 2011

G'day folk,

My talk for LCA this year is on Perl's current best practices.  It's only 35
minutes or so long, so I can either cover some topics in depth, or many at a
high level, or (more likely) a mix of both.  I'm compiling a list of such
things, and I'm wondering what you'd include?

	Obvious things to include:

		use strict;
		use warnings;
		use autodie;
		use v5.12.0 (or 5.10.1);

	For OO:
		use Moose (or Mouse or Any::Moose)
		if Moose
			* maybe MooseX::MultiMethods
			* MooseX::Declare
		Type constraints
		c3 mro

	For experimentation with:
		perlbrew    (different perl versions in your home directory)
		Local::Lib  (local installs of modules)

	Module versioning
		ie: use Module 1.2.1;


	Regular Expressions
		\A. \Z
		named captures
		escape sequences
	Given/when foreach/when smart matching


Clearly even mentioning all of this in 35 minutes is going to be tough.  Can any
of you think of anything else that I absolutely *must* mention?


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