[Melbourne-pm] Still seeking OSDC AGM/next MelbPM meeting venue

Tony Smith ts at meme.com.au
Tue Apr 19 14:32:49 PDT 2011

Having come from a full day of entirely unconnected meetings, I wasn't entirely with it by the Perl Mongers end of last Wednesday. After the meeting I was approached by somebody whose name escapes me suggesting they may be able to approach a former employer whose venue we had previously used and get back to me, but I have heard nothing further.

Trouble is if we are to hold the OSDC AGM in conjunction with the next Perl Mongers meeting we need to get official notice out today. So if I don't get any better suggestions by early afternoon, I'm going to need to start trying pubs which are known to sometimes have suitable space. Even there I could use suggestions as I only ever get to a couple close enough to the city and transport.

Tony Smith
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Melbourne, Australia
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